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Following on from our Toddler rooms, children move into the Pre-school room where we offer dedicated spaces for construction, exploration, imaginative play, sand & water play, mark-making and working with all the senses.  We let the children take the lead of their own learning, and by planning in the moment, we are able to develop the children’s interests, and their theories.  With our extensive outdoor areas, children in this learning space, are able to flow freely and safely between indoor and outdoor environments, via our soft play area.



You will notice too that our spaces frequently change in response to the interests of the children. To support this, children can access our store cupboard, where we keep all the resources they need for their explorations, constructions and any project work.



We believe that children are capable of leading their own learning supported by experienced practitioners, and early years teachers. We encourage children to develop their own theories so they can make sense of the world and to explore those theories with their friends. We listen to their ideas, take them seriously and help facilitate their research:

“How can you tie a knot?”

“Why do limes sink, but oranges float?”

“Where can we find a jug with 2000ml on it?”

“Where do vegetables come from?”  

These were some of the questions asked by the children, that were developed last term.



Children are individually planned for around their interests and learning styles.  We prepare your child for school by encouraging independence and confidence.  All children have a Family worker and are available at any time to talk about concerns that you may have.

P R E - S C H O O L  

Nature Garden Forest School

Take a look at our edible garden and a forest school garden.