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At Saffrons Park Nursery we understand that children have to experience play physically and emotionally.  In their play children use the experiences they have and extend them to build up ideas, concepts and skills.

  Within our nursery, children have plenty of space and time to play, both indoors and outdoors.  Our staff plan and resource a challenging environment where children's play can be supported and extended.  Staff observe the children's play and intervene where necessary to support and extend children's language and communication.  

  At Saffrons Park Nursery we provide flexible resources that allow children to explore.  For example we provide fabric, tubing, boxes, to build dens and shelters with.  They have the opportunity to explore sensory trays.

  All staff value children's play no matter what the theme may be.

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O U R   L E A R N I N G   S P A C E S

Children all develop their own theories so they can make sense of the world and they explore these theories with their friends.

At Saffrons Park Nursery, we listen to children’s voices and we help them to facilitate their thoughts and ideas.



All open planned spaces have a range of resources available.  These include; spacious sand areas, water play, secure outdoor learning spaces, small world, construction, malleable and messy, role play areas and access to other play areas.



Our provision is run by high qualified and experienced staff, including two Early Years Teachers.  The children can move freely between the different spaces by using our soft play area.


We keep you involved in your child’s progress sharing our observations with you through the online-based Tapestry Learning Journal.  We document using photos and videos along with comments by your child and you can access these at home and share them with your family. We also meet with you regularly to talk about your child’s development. Please also look for information on each door about the weekly experiences and keep up to date by visiting our Parent Information page.  


K E E P I N G   Y O U   I N V O L V E D


Our baby and toddler rooms are large open plan spaces with en-suite cosy sleep rooms and a milk kitchen for the under 2's.




Dedicated spaces for construction, exploration imaginative play, sand & water play, mark-making and working with all the senses.

Saffrons Park Nursery has 110 full time places across our different learning spaces.


We believe it is important for children to explore as much of nature as possible.   Our nature garden is where they can do just that.

We offer forest school sessions within one of our own gardens, providing children with an opportunity to connect to the natural environment.

O U R   R O O M S

Under 3's Forest School


Under 3's




Forest School

Pre-School Parent Information Nature Garden