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By parenta, Mar 11 2014 01:58PM

We are delighted that we have been awarded an ‘outstanding’ in all areas, with Ofsted. Ofsted have recognised that children in our setting, approach their play and learning with eagerness and excitement because activities are so well planned to provide challenge and interest.

Staff create highly effective learning environments where children can have lots of choice and freedom of movement. Children have space to explore a wide range of resources which are all of excellent quality.

Ofsted recognised that the senior management team make exemplary use of a wide range of monitoring and auditing techniques to maintain and continuously improve the provision.

Our partnership with parents has been recognised and parents enjoy and appreciate the close partnerships that staff build with them. This means that children enjoy highly consistent care.

Staff have excellent teaching skills, which means that children make rapid progress given their capabilities and starting points.

To read our full Ofsted report please click on the link

By parenta, Jan 16 2014 04:06PM

Here at Saffrons Park Nursery, we are fully committed to providing the best nutrition possible for your child. A child’s nutritional needs are slightly different than that of an adult, for example children need more carbohydrates than an adult.

We follow a government initiative scheme called ‘Eat Better, Start Better.’ Within this scheme we provide your child with the correct amount of starchy carbohydrates, a mixture of wholemeal and white carbohydrates, a minimum of three of their five a day (very often, it’s the complete 5!), the correct amount of protein (through meat, fish and oily fish), NO added salt and a very limited amount of sugars.

Our cooks Jon and Dot, prepare and cook everything from scratch and using the freshest ingredients sourced from very reliable companies. We use Tesco for most of our shopping and supplies and we know that their reputation is pretty good. For our meats, cheese, cooked meats and some of our tinned goods, we use a company called KD Catering Butchers based in Polegate.

Our cook Jon, was previously a butcher for 10 years and worked at KD Catering Butchers. They have an outstanding reputation and source a lot of their beef from a local farms. KD Catering Butchers have been regulated and audited by British Retail Consortium, Red Tractor Assurance Meat Processing Scheme and the Quality Standard Mark for its meat processing.

Dot and Jon, both have a ‘level 2’ food hygiene and understand all the risks involved with cooking and hygiene.”

By parenta, Apr 30 2013 08:53AM

Saffrons Park Nursery has been awarded a grant from East Sussex County Council, to enable them to expand their building work to create another floor in the nursery. It will allow the nursery to expand on their two year old spaces. Children who attend the Eastbourne nursery will be able to free flow, not only to the outside, but also up and down the different floors, through a large soft play climbing and ball pool area. There will also be extensive garden areas, where the children will be able to play and explore. They will be able to learn about the different seasons, nature and plants and watch the different plants, fruit and vegetables grow.

The nursery will have a fully equipped meeting and training room for staff, parents and outside agencies to work in partnership. It will allow the nursery, the space to offer parent workshops and support. The staff will have the opportunity to gain more knowledge from training courses and the access to a qualified assessor on site. Outside agencies will also have the opportunity to use this space.

The new part of the nursery will be complete and open for use on Monday 10th June 2013.

By parenta, Apr 9 2013 03:28PM

We at Saffrons Park Nursery are pleased to now be working along side Hydroschool, to help enable as many Eastbourne Children as possible learn how to swim.

Please see our Parent information tab for more information!

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