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At Saffrons Park Nursery we want to make sure that children are eating a variety of foods during their time at nursery. We design our own snack menus around the children’s likes and dislikes, as well as incorporating an element of preparation for them to take part in.  


We teach the children about different fruits and vegetables from a young age.  The children are able to explore these in different ways and learn about how to peel, cut and cook different types of foods.  The children are able to experience our ‘edible garden.


Breakfast is included within our full day session and morning sessions.  

Our lunches and teas are provided by ‘Healthy Roots.’  Please visit for more information about their menus.

We provide meals for all dietary requirements.  Menus are available on request.


Puree food is available for all our babies.  We can provide food for different weaning stages.  Milk is also provided during the day.  Please state which formula your child has during their settling in sessions.

We provide formula milk for any child under 12 months. These include SMA, Cow and Gate and Aptimal. Once a child is 12 months we will offer them cow’s milk to drink.

At Saffrons Park Nursery we encourage children from the very youngest ages to be involved with choosing, preparing and serving snack to their friends.  This is an important learning opportunity for children to build a variety of key skills.

Happy little boy eating a meal